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"Working together for a better Community" is our aim.

If you are a Business Person, membership provides you the opportunity to advertise on this Web Site, save on group advertising rates in the many hard-copy Visitors Guides, and provides the opportunity to share in ideas and solutions to promote your business.

Since its inception in the early 1970's, the Chamber has been active in calling attention to, and finding solutions to, problems in the Community.

Our "Community Rights Committee" brought the Commissioner and Permit Center Director to a Town Meeting, to discuss issue problems, and stopped a bad practice of past Code Enforcement officer.

The Chamber has acted as a voice for the community, and has brought about changes for the better. It is our LOUD voice in the County!

The Chamber has represented the business community to the Cascade-Loop Association, the Washington Tourism Convention and the Association of Washington. We are members of the AWB and WCCE.

WADOT now provides us information on future road projects and a ear to the community.

Some words from our Bylaws: "The Chamber shall promote its purposes and objectives throughout the eastern Skagit Valley, including in Marblemount, Rockport, and the outlying neighborhoods around these communities." -- Article One, Section 1 and; "(Our Objective is) to promote the civic, economic and social welfare of the people in our area of influence, and to further the progress and building of the community." -- Article One, Section 2

To sum up, the prime benefit of being a member of the North Cascades Chamber of Commerce is to have a VOICE in the Community, County and the State.


"Anyone who resides, conducts business, owns property or leases property in the Upper Skagit Valley, or who agree with the principles of the Chamber, is eligible to join the Chamber of Commerce. Persons may become members in their own name or as representatives of a business, agency, organization or other entity." -- Bylaws: Article Two, Section 1

Membership dues are very reasonable, we urge you to join as a means of supporting the Chamber and its community-building activities.

To join the Chamber or submit changes for your business Directory listing contact us at P.O. Box 175, Marblemount. WA 98267


Members are involved in planning these Chamber events:

    Business Person of the Year Award
    Community Market
    Eagle Watching
    Golf Shooting Range
    Pass Opening Event
    Raft Race
    Turkey Shoot Contest
    Volunteer Visitor's Center
    Welcome Committee

In addition to being involved in chamber events, members who want to serve the community may volunteer for:

    Construction Crew
    Road Cleanup Crew
    Visitors Center
    Construction Crew
    Welcome Committee
    and other things