Images of Historical Marblemount

Main Street Marblemount <credit: Dan Dellinger>
In the middle of town, looking east. (Today you'd be standing right in the middle of the highway, directly in front of the Buffalo Run Restaurant.) The building at the right of the picture is the old Marblemount Hotel, owned by Sadie Cudworth, who lived in the building until the mid-1950's. The building stood at the edge of today's highway pavement. It fell into disrepair and was removed about 1980. The large building in the distance is located approximately where the Marblemount Mercantile stands today. (A side note, as I post this picture I recall being one of the last people to live in this building, which was still standing when the North Cascades Highway opened. In the front of the building we put a craft shop called "Sadie's Place", and in the back a few small rooms and pioneer kitchen were home. ...DAH)

Marblemount Hotel <credit: Dan Dellinger>
Another view of the Marblemount Hotel, this time looking south west. The log cabin next to the hotel was a bunkhouse for hotel guests (Present location of Buffalo Run Restaurant and the Caboose). Just to the west was a livery stable, where hores and pack animals were housed and provisioned.

Pack Train <credit: Dan Dellinger>
Pack trains such as this were how supplies were moved up the valley and over the moutains in the past. Perhaps these very mules belonged to Sadie Cudworth's dear friend Herman Rhode.

Sallie's Girls <credit: Dan Dellinger>
"Sallie's girls" talking on one of the first phones in the upper valley. Note that this public phone is equipped with two ear pieces!