Area Day Trips


Highway 20 is a frequent route for autos, RV's, motorcycles and bicycles. Your can stop practically anywhere and find access where wheeled vehicles cannot travel. Let your feet be your guide. There are numerous paths to walk through old growth trees, mountain trails to hike, and simple to difficult rock climbs to keep you occupied for hours and days at a time. Strap on your backpack and stay gone as long as you like.


Cascade Pass in Summer <credit: Hildabob's - Winthrop, WA>>
Cascade Pass in later summer

Cross over the Skagit River bridge at Marblemount and travel due east on the old Mine-to-Market Road, today's Cascade River Road. Paved for the first seven miles, the road continues another 15 miles (well-maintained gravel) to a parking lot at the base of the trail over Cascade Pass. In contrast to the wide straight pavement and distant views afforded from the present North Cascades Highway, this "back door" entrance into the National Park presents a more intimate, winding road arched over by trees with occasional glimpses of the Cascade River rapids below. This is the route the native tribes, packers and pioneers traveled over to Stehekin (translated from native dialect: "the way through"), and is a great way to gain some insight into what that arduous trip might have been like at the turn of the previous century. .... Images